Project: Archangel

Project: Archangel is the story of a group of government psychics trying to deal with the “Crooke’s Omnibus”, literally a newly discovered form of energy that is the basis for all psychic and magical power upon the Earth. The evolution of mankind has created a huge number of unaware psychics who manipulate the Omnibus through their fears and dreams. The result is a phsyical manifestation of nightmares. It is the job of the Clandestine Project: Archangel agents to find these threats, neutralize them, and then ‘veil’ the psychic that created them. But as the number of unaware psychics grows, so does the power of the Omnibus, and the potency of the dangers that the team faces.

Writer Creator: Keith Holmes
Pencils: Ken Hensley
Colors, Inks, & Letters: Todd Rayner

Project: Archangel Issue 1 preview

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